Stop buying Spring Rolls at Restaurants…

If you’re white like me, you may go to Thai restaurants because you love the fresh spring rolls but have no idea how to make them. They’re so tasty but healthy! Now I beg you – Stop the madness!

Honestly, I recently discovered just HOW EASY these babies are to make and you do not need to spend $4-5 per to get your spring roll hit! These took me no more than 5 minutes to make (and yes, I made and ate more in that 5 minutes but I was hungry so give me a break). This post is taking longer than the meal for goodness sakes.

I introduced my sister (also white, haha) to this recipe over the weekend. She is not a big cook, but was shocked and awed with the exciting prospect that really anyone could have success here.  Go for it! You’ll be wondering why you have been buying these and will start making them yourself. Save your money for other treats or save it for your retirement.

Introducing Fresh Spring Rolls for Beginners


  • Package of rice paper spring roll wrappers (Find them in most conventional grocery stores these days, sometimes with the rice noodles or in the “ethnic” section
  • Thin rice noodles
  • Your favourite veggies. I used carrot, snap peas and a mixed bag of chopped coleslaw (left over from a work do). Lettuce would also be very nice, cucumber, radish maybe….
  • Dipping sauce of your choice. Soy sauce, plum sauce, or no sauce!


Bowl a pot of water and cook the rice noodles for about 1-2 min. Drain and set aside.
Wash and thinly slice your veggies so they will lay in the roll. Lettuce just needs to be torn into pieces that will fit.

Get a bowl of warm water that is large enough to dunk the wrappers in. Working one at a time, dip the wrapper in the water taking care not to rip it and move it around until it softens to your liking. Depending on how hot your water is, this might take 10 seconds to one minute. Carefully lift it out of the water and place it on a cutting board or plate. (Yes, that’s it!)
2016-08-07 18.03.06

Add the rice noodles, and your veggies in any order. Just like a burrito, try not to overfill your spring roll. Then wrap it up (again like a soft taco or burrito) and holy smokes, you are done!

2016-08-07 18.09.29

Dip in your sauce of choice and lunch is ready!

Note: I think this would be super fun to have at a party. Have all the toppings in the center of the table and let each guest assemble their own spring roll.  Let each guest have their own dipping bowl to avoid anyone being shamed by double dipping (That is when you take a bite and dip AGAIN.)


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