About Nicole

I am a Canadian-based marketing professional with a passion for food – this is my personal blog. I’ve spent over ten years working in the agri-food industry; helping companies with business development including new product development, branding and communications. I’ve also done a lot of research. Two areas of particular interest are understanding the importance of “local” and the crisis of food waste.

In my personal life, I like to cook and once upon a time sold baking professionally. I have four wonderful children whom I like to feed healthy foods and the occasional treat. Thankfully we don’t have any special dietary concerns but we are committed to starting the day with fresh juice. Between working and the kids, I do get distracted. Although I am committed to reducing food waste, I must admit that on occasion I burn food, particularly toast. If I were more traditional and had changed my name, it would be Nicole Burns.

And so the name NicoleBurnsFood.com hopefully makes sense to you too.

The plan for this site is to post information that I like to share with friends and family because it is relevant and interesting. Some will be factual and research based. Other posts will be more personal, such as recipe recommendations or updates on products I like (or don’t).  Feel free to contact me if you have an idea or opportunity you’d like to discuss.

Thanks for stopping by!