Big Bums In January

Today, I tried to eat one of my favourite chocolates but ended up spitting it out. I wasn’t intentionally chewing it for the flavour – but getting rid of it before the calories settled into my thighs. I didn’t plan on wasting it. I just couldn’t swallow it.

Many people start dieting or join a gym in January because it’s the new year and they want to start as they mean to carry on. In January, my bum feels particularly large because our family celebrations are about a month long. With multiple family birthdays before Christmas and again just after the new year, PLUS the normal, wonderful holidays with different sets of divorced parents…we celebrate regularly for a month. It’s a long time to eat cake.

Therefore (for now) I celebrate with salad, kale, and veggies galore. It’s not a New Year resolution. I’m just full.

I will keep the left over chocolates for valentine’s day.

Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big butts but I don’t want one.


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